Hug-a-Dog Pet Care


"Thanks to you and your team for helping me through a difficult situation. Hope to see you again under healthier circumstances."

- Jim (Pancho & Kate)

Our Pack

Hug-a-Dog Pet Care provides professional pet-sitting services by nuts-about-dogs animal lovers. We offer daily walks, doggie daycare, boarding, puppy care and training, and in-home pet-sitting and house-sitting. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of you and your pet. Out of town? Working late? Can't get home to smooch your pooch? Just give us a call and we'll run over and give your pet a little loving until you get home.

Challenged to find reliable, in-home pet sitting for their own dogs, Linda & Jorge Gonzalez created a pet sitting service to address the needs of pet lovers in their neighborhood. After starting the business in Florida over a decade ago, Hug-a-Dog Pet Care grew to a pack of over 200 tail-wagging pets and their owners. Years of exeperience in caring for our own and others' pets and being calm, responsive and resourceful make us the go-to professionals for pet care services since 2002.

Linda Gonzalez, Top Dog

Twenty years in the cold harsh winters of Chicago and another stint in the steaming chaos of Miami was enough for Linda to decide to finally head to the mountains. As a graduate of Clemson University and with a graduate degree in Business, Linda worked as a senior manager in operations, facilities and crisis management for both large and small companies before unleashing her passion - the furry four-footed variety!

As a professional pet-sitter, Linda has been the Top Dog for more than twelve years. She has helped care for hundreds of pets of all types, from the largest Great Dane to the tiniest finch. In 2008, she was chosen as a top finalist for Pet-Sitter of the Year by Pet Sitters International. She is certified in Pet First Aid and Canine CPR. Linda's dedication, compassion and just plain joy in her work are evident to all her clients, both two-footed and four-footed!

Jorge Gonzalez, Leader of the Pack

"No dogs while we live in the North. Period."
And then... "I'm going to melt into the pavement. Miami is burning me up..."
This was Jorge's mantra - no sunrise walks in 20-degree below zero temperatures for him! But the intense heat and chaos of Miami was too much as well. So he pulled on his boots and grabbed his fleece. Jorge now shares his home in the mountains with Linda and their pack of well-loved-but-never-spoiled pooches - Chesley the Clown and Kaya the Kween (terrier mongrel - ugly, but endearing). Jorge's background in logistics and manufacturing operations serves him well when "doody calls" for a pack of pooches eager to go for a sunrise walk!

As the "Leader of the Pack", Jorge is a master pooper-scooper, working with Linda for more than twelve years since the founding of Hug-a-Dog Pet Care. He is certified in Pet First Aid and Canine CPR.

Awards & Affiliations

Pet Sitter of the Year - Top Finalist 2008
Pet Sitters International

Certified - Pet First Aid and CPR (PetTech Inc)

Member - Louisiana SCPA
* Helping to rebuild the lives of Katrina victims and their owners.

University of Miami School of Business School
* Volunteer Mentor Program

Insurance & Bonding: Hug-a-Dog Pet Care is fully bonded and insured for injury and loss to protect both your home and your pet.